Have you noticed something weird about the world? Something not quite right? if you are Orthodox you are already aware this is nothing new, the world has fallen for some time, since the time of Eden. However, feels like the descent is accelerating in our current age.

We are living in extraordinary times, peoples and civilizations are dying, individuals are lost and spiritually dead, history is forgotten, and the future is uncertain. Men are lifeless and without purpose. Chaos reigns, borders have been removed, souls have been darkened, and men are losing their humanity.

What to do in such uncertain times? Hard to know, but one thing is certain, no one should face this abyss alone.

We are an attempt at a grassroots organization looking for Orthodox Christian men of all ages who are willing to change themselves, their communities, their nations, and this world for it's future.

Whether you are a 15-year-old school student or a 50-year-old successful businessman, we want you to join us, because regardless of who you are, you can make a change and a difference.

Wherever you are, you are welcome into this Brotherhood.

To join, we are looking that you meet the following requirements;

  • Be a baptized Eastern Orthodox Christian who must be in well standing with the Church.

  • Agree to and strive to live by the ethical commitments and principles of the Brotherhood

  • You must be a robust, trustworthy and courageous individual who is willing to wage an eternal war on his passions, battling the powers of Satan for the rest of your life.

  • If the above not apply to you, you must be prepared to change.

Aim of this project will be to focus on the world at large, Clergy and Monastics are highly encouraged to join. However, we will strive to leave Church matters and politics to the realms of our Church sphere and hierarchy.


Our vision is to unify and organize all serious and true believing Orthodox Christian men who share a common purpose to create a virtual networking system that will be eventually be used to create real face to face local brotherhood chapters, whole communities, businesses, corporations, cultural apparatus, education centers, Orthodox focused web based tools, Orthodox media entities, and everything else we need to ensure flourishing on multiple levels of life from our personal homes to the wider Global Orthodox Christian Civilization.

Our Orthodox Christian Civilization is a beautiful melting pot of peoples and cultures, we are all the same in faith yet uniquely different, located in our own distinct national, linguistic and ethnic borders.

We appreciate the diversity of our ethnic peoples and cultures and believe these distinctions should be protected, while also celebrating the creation of new Orthodox peoples and cultures located all over the world, and we believe that our Orthodox Tradition and worldview has the healthiest expression of Multiculturalism. 

We have both a local and a global outlook, focusing on everything ranging from our Individual hearts, homes & local streets to the multinational Orthodox Civilization, wider Christendom and the World as a whole.

We view other Non-Orthodox Christians as our dear family with whom we must work together in love, peace and harmony for the benefit of the entire Christendom and World as a whole, while at the same time showing them the Truth of the Orthodox Faith and working and praying they return home to the only True Church.

We view all people regardless of race or religion as sons and daughter of Christ who need to be treated with love, respect and decency, and who need to be bought home into the Orthodox Church through love and evangelism.

Key Goals

Short Term (aim by 2020)

  • Attract followers, subscribers & interest

  • Begin internet discussion & planning of a independent community networking site, which will serve as a nerve center of the organization

  • Begin a funding campaign to finance the construction of the website

  • Find interested men who can act as ambassadors to help the project grow



Medium Term (aim by 2022)

  • Launch the website and begin formal membership applications

  • Assist in organic growth of local brotherhood chapters, help establish local, state and national hierarchies all over the world

  • Initiate advertising campaigns and aim for strategic growth.

  • Ensure brotherhood members work together to thrive in all aspects of life.

  • Create a Sister site for Orthodox Females which will focus on feminine interests, and establish a network where serious Orthodox Christians and can meet, court and marry.

  • Create online tools for families

  • Work with other Orthodox Institutions to network and grow, and aim at creating new ones



Long Term (aim by 2025 and beyond)

  • Become a serious, disciplined and professional organization focused on the security of its members, as well as moral, spiritual and material growth

  • Assist in creation of both virtual and real world Orthodox Communities, such as towns and villages

  • Assist individuals, chapters and regions in creation of Orthodox for profit companies, and provide opportunities for employment for Orthodox men

  • Assist in creation of virtual and real Orthodox schools, medical centers and media institutions

  • Assist in evangelism of the Godless and Non-Orthodox.

  • Assist in worldly struggles of the Orthodox faithful

  • Act as a single voice to create political change on many levels

  • Become a network for all Orthodox from all over the world, serving a multitude of languages and nations

  • Harvest the multitude of Orthodox history, wisdom and current talent and face the challenges of a chaotic and Godless world

  • Ensure Orthodox faith, teachings, culture, individuals, families, ethnicities and communities thrive into the future

  • Help act as a voice to unify all Orthodox peoples during war times, and pressure warring government for peace among Orthodox & Christian nations.

  • Work with other Non-Orthodox Christian groups in the struggle of Christendom as a whole.

Idea of the Brotherhood Network

What is the vision of a Orthodox Brotherhood Network? Well it's pretty simple, create a unique Social Media website for interested Orthodox Men, a site which will help individuals find other like minded Orthodox men who have the intention to work together for the greater good.

The same site will allow for interest groups to form, voting for leaders, and general organization which will have real world impacts.

Like fishing and want to find other Orthodox men who want to fish? Start a regional fishing club with other members etc, want to try and fund a local Orthodox medical center or school project, start a internal funding campaign.

The aim of the network will be to help Orthodox men meet together in a common purpose, and work together to change their world for the positive.

A rough idea of the structure is shown below.

The aim is to network and be stronger in numbers and purpose, essentially creating a corporate model of democratic community.

Chapters and Hierarchy

The ultimate idea is that all Men form local chapters and have personal relationships with each other and create real bonds. This will also be important because member will need to concern themselves with local issues within their reach and spheres of their influence.

While the the organization model still hasn't been decided on, an overview of the multilevel structure might look as follows;

Personal Level

- Individuals spiritually struggle in their personal lives to live according to Orthodox faith and principles

- Individuals form friendships with other individuals from their local chapter and like brothers they assist each other in all ways possible.

Local Chapters

- All men who form a Local chapter will need to have chapter meetings on a certain set basis i.e. monthly, 2 monthly etc

- A chapter leader will help organize these meetings and will direct the chapter to take action and undertake projects on local levels whatever the need might be. Chapter leaders should be voted in for fixed terms by the rest of the members.

Regional Level

- All Local chapters will vote for a regional leader who will help organize chapters on a regional level for larger scale works and projects, what ever the need might be. Regional leader should be voted in for fixed term roles.

- All Local chapters should aim to hold regional meetings once a year so all members in the region can get to know each other.

National Level

- A national leader should be voted in to lead all regions and chapters on a National level and steer nation wide projects and actions, things like this could include large scale institution building, disaster relief organization, representation and liaising with the wider world etc

- Annual or biannual conferences should be held discussing and planning projects, with regular updates to all regions and chapters.

Global Level

At these levels National leaders from various countries will work together to organize and direct Pan-Orthodox projects and work towards solving Pan-Orthodox issues.

- Consideration could be given to a Pan-Orthodox conference every 5 or so years.

All men will be voted into their position for fixed terms by the rest of the members, men who will have leadership roles must be suitably competent in such positions.

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