Ethical Commitments

Our current Age is full of both spiritual opportunities and dangers, we are living in a chaotic time where loosing one's soul is not only considered Normal and 'Cool' but also virtuous. The struggle against such temptations is both real and hard.

As Men especially, no previous time in history was loaded with so much worldly effort to enslave us to our passions and lead us into sin of heart, mind and body.


While sin and temptation always did exist, at no point in history did we have such technology in our pockets that can bombard us with temptations with such force. In our current age staying a Christian is extremely difficult, soon staying even human will be difficult also.

As brothers in Christ, our aim will be in forming personal friendships with one another so we can support each other in our ethical struggles.

Narrow is a path to our Lord, we all need help walking it.

Each men must struggle against his temptation, most of us already have battle scars from our struggles with temptations, no one will be judged for what happened in the past, but upon joining the brotherhood every man must commit himself to the following ethical standards, No one is perfect, and where we fall, we must seek help for improvement.

  • Must not do recreational drugs

  • Must not be a drunkard and consumed by alcohol

  • Must not consume pornography

  • Must not get tattoos

  • Must not be engaged in any immoral acts

  • Must not gamble,

  • Must not consume immoral music or videos

  • Must not be violent or abusive

  • Must not be cowardly

  • Must not steal

  • Must not be proud

  • Must not be consumed by video games

  • Must not be enslaved to technology, waste time on the Internet

  • Must not be lazy

  • Must not cheat,

  • Must not be arrogant

  • Must not be adulterous or promiscuous, and if applicable must strive to be virgin till marriage

  • Must not be gluttonous

  • Must not be afraid of struggle

  • Must not be part of any cults or other religions or secret societies

  • Must be industrious and hard working

  • Must be orderly

  • Must embrace education and knowledge

  • Must embrace wisdom

  • Must keep a regular prayer life

  • Must keep Church fasts

  • Must regularly go to Church

  • Must undertake regular confession

  • Must be a solid individual

  • Must refrain from cursing or swearing

  • Must be humble

  • Must be honest

  • Must be brave

  • Must be respectable

  • Must be vigil of his heart and the passions which manifest in it

  • Must love and respect his parents

  • Must love and respect his forefathers, regardless of who they were

  • Must love his neighbors

  • Must dress properly and orderly

  • Must look after his physical, mental and spiritual health

  • Must love his God, Church, people, civilization and humanity

  • Must love the gift of life, and the beauty that is existence.

  • Must be thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ to all things in his life, good or bad.

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