COVID-19 and My Predictions

I have been following the corona virus development from the start of January, once I seen what the Chinese government was doing to their people and cities, I knew this situation was serious.

Once I saw the virus hit Italy, and Italians mulled shutting down of Milan, I told my wife to stock up on supplies from the supermarkets.

I knew that if Italians were prepared to follow the Chinese containment measures, we will be in a very bad situation.

It is now mid March and many things have happened, probably the most severe had to be economical measures most countries took as a response to this outbreak.

I will here share what I believe are huge potential risks to our ways of life and what my thought pattern is for preparing for this unprecedented event.

I don't want to scare anyone, just hoping to inspire you to also prepare.

My advise to prepare for now, stock up on supplies and have a good amount of your cash at home away from the banks, and also we need to start working on OrthoTowns asap after this crises is finished.

Short term - Before June

- Number of infections world wide will probably hit 1 million before the 25th of March, currently number of infections is 225,000 and the world governments are in absolute overdrive trying to manage this situation, throwing unimaginable amounts of money to save the economy and passing never before seen laws to contain the virus.

- 1 Million infection mark will be a psychologically significant number, people will really start to panic than and fear will set in.

- 10 million infected people world wide by June.

- Panic buying will stop, people will have stocked up enough supplies and shops will refill.

- Police or military will be present at most supermarkets to enforce product rationing (milk, rice, flour, toilet paper etc).

- We in the Western world will be under a 4 week curfew, enforced by the military with tanks and APCs policing city streets. Travel to shops and work will be only via pre-approved permits.

- Hospitals will be overrun with patients, there will be a shortage of doctors, with many doctors themselves sick. Military will be called in to help treat patients.

- Doctors will start to war time triage, due to insufficient beds and ventilators, doctors will decide who lives and who dies, the young will be preferred over the old.

- You will be forced to be quarantined or vaccinated, personal liberties will be suspended.

- Government will start dropping helicopter money, household will start receiving free cheques in mail worth thousands of dollars. Tax payments will be returned and reduced all in effort to avoid total system deflation.

- Governments will spend unimaginable amounts of money bailing out all sorts of businesses, from banks, airline companies, car manufacturers, investment banks etc. Most major businesses will become Nationalized.

- Unemployment will dramatically rise, everything from casual workers to full time airline pilots, consultants etc. In Australia potentially hundreds of thousands of people will loose their jobs, in the USA potentially Millions.

- US stock market will hit probably 12,000 points, government will pull the plug and no trading will be allowed. We in Australia will probably hit 2500 points.

- The international credit markets will freeze, meaning no one will issue any loans,VISA and MasterCard payments will stop and we wont be able to use these mechanism for every day purchases.

- The value of CASH will go through the roof, there will most likely be a bank holiday and you will not be able to withdraw your cash from the bank, or it will be severely limited to less than $100 per day etc.

- Bitcoin, Gold, Silver etc will go down in price.

- House prices will crash.

- Oil prices will hit $15 a barrel.

- Global trade will stop.

- Things will start to get very tense with fear gripping almost everyone.

Long Term (harder to predict)

- Virus will come back next year.

- Most likely a cure is found, but repercussion of the melt down of the economic system will leave everyone wounded.

- World will be in a Global Depression in 2021.

- Obtaining loans would be very hard.

- People will not trust each other or strangers, and distancing between people will be a cultural norm.

- The virtual world will become a much more important part of most peoples daily lives.

- Governments will inflate their currencies into hyperinflation, prices of Gold and Silver will sky rocket.

- UN will need save the global financial system with some sort of a new global currency.

- UN will play a much more important role in global and national affairs.

- People will be heavily conditioned to obey authority.

- Potential break up of the USA.

- High potential for either a Communist or Nationalist revolutions, Neo-Liberalism will effectively die in the West.

- Alternative to the above, countries will start issuing Negative Interest rates, meaning Reserve bank will sell loans at -4% to a bank, who will sell the same loan to you at -2%, meaning you will get paid money by the government for your loan, thus if you have a mortgage government will pay you every month. Savers would be heavily punished, for this to occur a Cashless Society must be implemented. Saving will be discouraged and indebtedness encouraged. The world of perpetual slavery always monitored by the system, only way around the system will be using gold and silver to make purchases. This will cause higher chance of a revolution which will justify higher government oversight of population, which the middle class will accept as they benefit from the system.

- Hard to predict, but this will be a totally different world than the one we left in 2019, chances are this will be the start of tyranny never seen before in history of man.

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