Curious Case of a Missing Future

Speaking as someone who lives in the West, one of the most odd things I have noticed speak to everyday people is the fact everyone seem to really struggle picturing a future, and by future I mean a secular future or any future, everyone I ask what the world will be like in 50-100 years cannot give me a picture that is formed in their mind, and if they do picture it, it's always a negative or a future.

Yes people can imagine such or such technology, or such and such demographic numbers etc, or such and such culture etc - but I am speaking about something deeper, a future which relates to the past or present in some way, a future which wont be alien.

We seem to be finding ourselves at a very weird point in world history, not sure if it's mass immigration, multiculturalism, technological advancement, high debt, consumerist culture or just spiritual decay currently being experienced in the Western world, but everyone seem to have a bleak view of the future, if none at all. All those things could be linked to each other.

I would imagine 300 years ago would, a man would plant fruit trees and toil on his land with hope and almost certain knowledge that his children would continue to care for the trees he planted and live in the house he built, using the same tools he did or at the very least his children will grow up in a country he grew up in. Can we really say the same thing today?

I am without roots, I personally have moved houses 9 times in the last 15 years, as an immigrant who came 23 years ago, I cannot recognize the country I came to as a child, I can only imagine what the Native Anglo Australians feel like, and I am burdened with heavy debt which I'll carry for the next 30 years, paying it off just in time for my retirement, not much to look forward to.

In addition to this, thanks to technological progress, change is now occurring on a yearly basis.

If majority of the people around me share a similar experience, is it really any wonder why we cannot picture a bright future? I am married with a family, I can only imagine what a younger man who is struggling to find a wife would be feeling in addition everything I mentioned above.

Furthermore to this, no one seems to really care about History either, we seem to find ourselves hanging between a disconnection with history, and without a future also, all we are left with is living in the "Now".

'Now' is the one thing we can picture, it's the only history we can remember, and it's the only thing we can focus on.

So if we really are only living in the 'Now', a place without history and a future, should it really surprise us that people care only about themselves in the 'Now', if 'Now' is the only really thing, why not party, why not use drugs, why not sleep around and obsess with your looks, cars, and facebook photos.

Why restrict your passions when tomorrow hasn't come, when tomorrow might not come because it cannot be imagine, it's a only illusion. A future that cannot be imagined cannot be hoped for nor can it be worked towards.

So with a missing future is it really any wonder people don't marry and have children anymore and don't care about their debt levels, is it any wonder people tattoo and abuse their bodies and give in to nihilism and depression, even contemplating suicide? is not better to just die than to live for future which doesn't exist, in essence to live for nothing.

Is it any wonder that without the ability to picture a future, people cannot picture a life after death, if they picture a future and only see negativity and chaos, is it any wonder people cannot picture a heaven, or a good God who loves them.

So a question could be asked, is the curios case of a missing future linked to a rise in None belief among youth? Can I really believe in a God if I only live in the Now?

Should I really care about a heaven or hell when all those things are found in the future, and no one really knows the future, therefore no one really knows about heaven and hell.

We really are living in the end of ages, because future has died - no one can picture it, there are no more ages after this that we can relate to, thus its the last age, it's a large flux redefining everything we thought certain, a time without certainty. What a exciting time to be alive.

So whats a way to try and resurrect a future and shape the current flux towards a more Orthodox world, how can we picture a future and work towards it, well this Orthodox Brotherhood Project is an attempt.

We men aren't really alive unless we are fighting for something, struggling and hoping for it. This age needs us to reawaken our warrior spirit, and prepare for a spiritual battle and struggle unseen in history of the world, no time has been more confusing than this, nor has it claimed so many souls.

We have our war objective - convert the world and bring it closer to Christ, save souls and wage war on our passions. Our mission ends when the whole world is converted and in liturgy every Sunday - therefore our job is never done, thus we will have a eternal struggle until the coming of our Lord.

We are few and far between, but if we can network correctly and love each other as brothers in Christ, what we achieve will be up to us, and who can stop us when God is with us?

We find ourselves in a world without a future, and what such a world fears is men who have a future - lets be those men and show the world we are worthy enemies.

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