A few weeks before my freshman year would begin at Manhattan College, an independent Lasallian Catholic school, I became a catechumen of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The date was August 14, 2018. On that night, my heart burned in a new zeal as though it engulfed in holy flames, and beat like drums before a war. So, you can imagine baptism will be otherworldly for me.

This simple first step indeed felt like a massive step in the right direction for my life, after having grown up a Muslim, gone through several years as an atheist, and a brief LaVeyan Satanic phase. But I knew that with the cross come many burdens.

Not burdens necessarily as just responsibilities, but rather things about my daily life that I would realize were now challenges for me when they weren't while I was oblivious to the world and just went with secular culture blindly no matter where it went.

I hope you all will be there with me, reading along as I share with you all my misadventures through the coming weeks and months. Thank you for reading my first post, God keep you all and God bless. Kyrie Eleison!

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