One Month In

Greetings, brothers in Christ!

Been a few days since my first post here, figured to finally get right in into the bulk of my college experience so far.

I'll be honest. I feel a little bit down.

Haven't formed any good study habits. I'm behind in Japanese class.

Sure, I have made a lot of acquaintances. I made one reliable friend.

Apart from that, it's been incredibly challenging for me spiritually.

So far, there's an abundance of Catholics and Protestants and atheists, but not a single, or single (if you know what I mean 😅) Orthodox Christian has come my way.

At least, yet.

Would have been great if there was an Orthodox Christian Fellowship chapter.

But in the end, it's okay.

I attended my first catechumen class last Thursday with three other catechumens. Had Georgian red wine and pizza with the Archdeacon of my parish and we discussed theology, the lives of the saints, and our relations with other religions and, uh, "Christian" sects.

It was all going fine, and I felt right at home until this elderly catechumen lady acted feminist on me.

You see, I have a habit of wanting to say whatever genius thought or nugget of insight that comes out of my brain, and at some times, unfortunately, I am impulsed to interrupt whoever is speaking, or has the stage light to talk. And I wanted to *add* something to what she was saying, but she raised her finger and cut me off, saying, "No, here's how it works. I speak, then once I'm done speaking, you get to talk."

That alone almost makes me want to continue my catechesis elsewhere! Like at this Antiochian parish I visited last Sunday, St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral.

But of course, I say all of that out of emotion.

Stress has dominated my mind, along with feelings of loneliness.

I know the saints pray for me.

Can't let them down, and most crucially, can't let God down.

On a much brighter note, I have this weekend to look forward to. I will be staying upstate in Goshen, at this retreat with other freshmen students at Manhattan College.

Hopefully, it is a wholesome experience, full of fellowship and adventures.

Kyrie Eleison!

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