Blessings be to all of you, my brothers in Christ. I don't know where to begin with this post, but I think I will begin by asking a question- what does it mean to you to be reborn?

Is it something that happens in one hour- or one year? And I mean in the sense where you become someone almost entirely different than who you were...even a year and a half prior?

It has been quite some time since my last upload, and so, so much has happened since then. I could only describe it as a beautiful and painful process of being reborn.

I was baptized into the Orthodox Church on August 3, 2019- and I took on the baptismal name of David, after the Prophet and King.

After that, I went on travels. I visited Canada that same summer, and later Bangladesh in the following winter.

I returned, and I visited many churches across New York City- and it was on the Triumph of Orthodoxy when I would visit the Saint Nicholas Antiochian Cathedral- right before the dreaded quarantine began.

Then settled in months of depression, and addiction to the passions. My health went up and down and up and down.

Forced indoors with demons from my past, I never felt as much pain in ages as I did as of late. These past few months have been a tug of war over my sanity.

As I write this now, however, I feel in my bones a drive to not lose hope. I may be weak, and very frail, but I will not give up in this fight against the demons.

The process of rebirth in the life of the Holy Church is triune. It is done yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You rise out of the waters, you climb up the mountain in scorching heat, and reach the top where our Lord is, in serenity.

Please, in your charity, pray for me, a sinner, my brothers, for my health and for my endurance, as well as for me to support the Church as best I can as a servant of God. I will pray for you all. Glory be to Jesus Christ! Amen.

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