Peace unto you from our Lord Jesus Christ. It's been a while since I last updated you all on what's been going on, and do forgive me. I hope everything is ok with you all.

My first year at college has come to an end. And I will say- it was incredibly bittersweet. I had virtually no social life. My grades were not as good as I thought they would be. My health took a lot of hits, and I suffered supremely. There's been tons of drama between my Muslim family and me over my conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, adding on to the already-established tension and bitterness between my father and mother that has been present for virtually all my life. I was initially supposed to get baptized on the 4th of May of this year, but due to my circumstances with my parents, my priest informed me, on the 5th of April (my birthday, coincidentally), that it's best to cancel it and wait for a more appropriate time. He didn't want to rush such an important milestone in my life.

And glory to God, it was not too long after my 19th birthday did my priest and I settle on a new date, which is the 3rd of August.

As of now upon writing this, things are looking up. My health is still quite awful, but I have been incrementally improving it. I finally got hired for a part-time job at Staples, for which my training begins tomorrow.

The massive wave of pro-life legislation across the United States has inspired my friends and me across the nation to remain hopeful in our Lord. Granted, New York and recently Illinois have made rather Satanic moves regarding the abortion laws they maintain, but divine justice will come in the end. I believe the nation may be becoming more and more polarized until there is a metaphysical good and evil apparent, with lines sharply drawn. Orthodoxy is rising in the U.S, and I encourage you all to pray and remain steadfast wherever you may be. Say a prayer for me if you can.

I have been praying more often and attending church more than before, and despite the many demonic attacks and bouts of loneliness and anger, and the many unexpected trials that come my way, I remain on the path, on the ladder- that is, the holy cross, with which we slay every Goliath that may come our way.

Remember the cross, brothers! And stick to it.

The cross is indeed the ladder to Heaven. The sword against demons.

The instrument of death- transformed into the tree of life

The staff of Moses fulfilled in the cross of the King Who was, is, and is to come! Christ is risen forever!

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