I write this with great carefulness, and yet I do not know which may capture my experience and feelings accurately. All I can say is I am fortunate even to be here, writing this. The Lord spared me.

Last Monday night I was stabbed in the left scapula by a mugger who ran off with my iPhone.

Without getting too much into the details, out of feelings of embarrassment on my part, I naively had trusted a complete and total stranger and thought we could find our way to the nearest operating train station on a night when the transit was haywire. He led me into the Upper West Side of the borough of Manhattan, by the Hudson River, on the reasoning that it would get us quicker to the station- and he began pushing me for a phone call. I kept respectfully rejecting.

But soon enough he began to threaten me. I was full of fear by then.

I pulled out my phone, and he snatched it before I could even unlock it for him. I lunged after it, and he quickly reached behind me and jabbed me in the left scapula- and I felt a momentary wincing pain combined with an intense feeling of heat emanating from the area he hit- hot blood gushing out. He took off. I ran after him for a few blocks. He stopped for a moment to slash my stomach, but he achieved a minor cut.

After some more chasing, I let him go, or instead just knew I could not afford to run. Soon, he was long gone and out of sight. I redirected my focus to finding someone whom I could ask to call 9-1-1.

I walked for a block through the cold night, with hot blood soaking my body from the site of the wound down my back and into my pants and shoes. I was wearing all black, and if it weren't for my bloodied palms, I might not have been able to convince anyone readily I was bleeding.

I found an Eastern European couple who were outside together, and they sat me down onto the front step of a large apartment complex and called the police. And for once, I genuinely uttered out, with all of me, "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner."

By the time I was admitted into the hospital, the EMS had cut off all my clothes and I was naked, and all around me were doctors and nurses piercing needles into my arms and hooking me onto machines. It felt like I was being torn apart, stripped down, physically, psychologically, and even spiritually. I was completely vulnerable.

- - -

After a long night, I returned home with my parents, with six stitches in my back, and a new outlook on life.

None of my organs were damaged, and as I write now, there is no sign of infection, albeit I am still in a lot of physical pain.

God gave me a second chance, and if anything, I might say this was all a proto-baptism of sorts. One of blood, and hopefully my next one will be that of waters which purify us of sin.

I learned how imperative it is to trust God.

I realized how we must not be stubborn when we feel called to love, and how must forgive those who do us wrong- and make amends.

Pray for me, my fellow brothers.

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