Toilet Paper and the End of a World

I thought I would take some time to express my thoughts on the current global pandemic creating havoc around the world. Like most people out there, I have a number of mixed emotions, everything from fear to excitement, sometimes wishing I had my life from 3 months ago hoping this all goes away, and sometimes hoping this chaos continues to increase just to see what the unknown will bring.

To start off on a personal note and be clear and open to my personal situation, at the moment of typing this, my side business which I operate after hours has absolutely fell off a cliff, project count is heavily down, while my day job security is also in question, we have stocked up enough supplies to probably be self-sufficient for a month (thanks to a paranoid wife), and we have enough savings to make sure we don’t have any sleepless nights for at least a few weeks.

So comparatively, we are in a very good situation.

But what I want to write about is something a bit different; I want to start this off with Toilet Paper.

One of the first things I started to notice in our office gossip when the run on supermarkets started was how everyone was laughing at the fact that out of everything in the supermarket, people were rushing to purchase Toilet Paper. This to me was quite bizarre, I though toilet paper was a very logical choice, considering toilet paper is probably the best symbol of the modern world.

Toilet paper is the ultimate luxury item. Toilet paper makes the modern world possible, you can live in congested cities thanks to toilet paper, toilet paper is the reason why we have healthy happy lives, thanks to our capitalistic world, we don’t need to use dry leafs to wipe ourselves, we don’t need to use our hands or shower after every bowel movement, imagine the disease spread throughout cities or pipe infrastructure failures if we had to resort to those measures.

I don’t understand why people underestimate Toilet paper, it makes the modern world go around, it is the most logical item to purchase to await the end of the world in suburbia or a city.

There is no better symbol of modern luxury in our capitalistic world than a soft, 3 ply layered, perfume scented and natural oil infused piece of disposable tissue to wipe our bums with, and dispose into the abyss of pipe network spanning unimaginable number of miles, all at a push of a button. Not even the greatest and richest of Emperors throughout history had that sort of luxury, yet today even the poorest of us takes that for granted.

Now the question whether this is the end of The World, it’s probably not the end of The World, but more like end of A World.

What ever happens from now on will change us and the modern world forever, maybe for worse or maybe for better.

This virus will challenge the modern world, and our engraved ideas that tomorrow will be the same as yesterday, that we can live on borrowed time and money, that we are individuals in a global village.

Maybe this virus will be something that will align the world towards a more traditional way of thinking, that we need to know our neighbors, that we shouldn’t move around the world as we please, that we should prepare and save for a tomorrow.

But also I am very cautious of all of this, this might aswell end in tyranny like never before seen in history of man, where everyone and everything is tracked, and people are randomly taken away for testing ‘Positive’ on inaccurate virus tests, where the power is handed to unelected elites in the UN.

Maybe also nothing will change, this crises will come and go and by December we will all be laughing about the run on toilet paper.

Future is a big question mark and I for one am keen and cautious to see the if and what paradigm change this crisis will cause.

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