Why it's time for men to run to seminary


I wrote this in bitterness, depression and lonliness, so take what I am saying with a grain of salt.

The fact of the matter is that with third wave feminism in full control of woman, they now want only perfect men without seeing the hypocrisy of this behavior and hate us without reflecting on themselves that what they call us out for. It now they'd rather be lesbian and then he into sperm banks. Some of my new friends in my Twitter chats think that we should go back to times where women are controlled by men. That isn't a solution. Neither gender should control the other. Love, and by extension marriage, is supposed to be self sacrifice, and allow us to grow with each other and grow closer to God.

I recognize taking monastic vows doesn't and won't be available to everyone and it isn't a calling we all have or get. But we should at the very least remain chased. Our brothers and sisters need priests and seminaries like St vlads, St Tikhons, Holy Trinity offer great education and training to expand our minds. The monastery life is peaceful and we can work with our hands. Unfortunately most times we would be alone in solitude with only God as our acquaintance, but perhaps that is the punishment for this world now.

I struggle with this much more now. I recently turned 36 and have never dated. No women had shown interest in me and I don't think they will. I also feel that entering the life I lay out for us to run to would in fact be a cop out, saying to God or society that I failed like the servant with the one talent who buried it in the ground. And I don't wish that damnation of any of you. I do think though that it has come to this extreme unfortunately. When I'm out of debt and my parents have reposed perhaps I will look at this differently. But I encourage you my brothers,these women bear no fruit and don't respect us at all. It is time to save ourselves and maybe as many souls as we can too, should we choose the priesthood.

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