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Frequently asked questions

Is this a Political Organisation?

This is a Non-political Organisation, the aim of this organisation is to be a platform for Orthodox men to unify from various background, cultures, political views and work together for the greater good.

Is this some sort of a Government/Others scheme to oppress me?

No, the initiator of this idea is a typical Orthodox man, with the intention of Organising with other serious Orthodox men to create a positive change in the world. Considering higher powers already have everyones IP addresses and records of emails, tweets, search records etc, they already know what you do and say online, and wouldn't need to go to this much effort to spy on you if they really wanted to in the first place.

Will this cost money?

Yes it will, to build anything virtual or real by professionals will cost money, once the website is built and running, membership won't require fees, how the website is run and internally financed will be decided and agreed upon by members.

Will the Church be involved?

This movement is independent from the Orthodox Church and is not directed by the Orthodox Church, this is a grassroots movement which will aim at organizing and networking Orthodox men together so they can work together. To be Orthodox the Church must already be central to your life, this movement to community build will be in additions to your spiritual life however not divorced from it. All local chapters once organised will stay in close contact with their priests to ensure continual spiritual guidance and growth.

Is this only for the Western world?

No, this is only initiated from the Western world, aim is for this to be a global network, once the official website is up and running, it will have different language options.

What is this idea of unique Social Network for Orthodox men?

Answer is we build a website platform akin to facebook, twitter etc that will allow serious Orthodox men to discover each other and meet in real life to create local chapters, regional and national associations etc. The websites functions and purpose will decided on by everyone interested in this project.

How will this network have real world impacts?

Things that currently occur in the virtual world impact the real world in some way. Many people spend most of their time in the virtual world and spend time with virtual friends. This network will force each Orthodox man to personally meet other like minded Orthodox men, and together organise and work as brothers.

What can I do?

Subscribe to this website and on other social media sites, provide input via the forum to what you would like to see, give feedback and your thoughts. Do you have a talent which can be useful to get the project going? or do you have ideas which you think will be useful? get in contact and tell us. This should be a team effort with many people working together to see this come to light. So stay in contact and spread the word to other people who might be interested.

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